FOXX Women in Sport: I AM XX
In 2018 FOX SPORTS will deliver the biggest year of coverage for women’s sport and women in sport.  With this unprecedented coverage of women’s sport in 2018, there is a major opportunity to capture this market and capitalise on a new demographic. As Australia’s sports leader, we have the platform to champion women’s sport and break down the barriers that women in sport face. In 2018 Fox Sports will broadcast 90% of all women’s sport on Australian TV and with 25 female presenters we are not only in a great position to join this trend but specifically lead it from an Australian sport’s media perspective. 

Women’s professional sport is in its infancy, and is constantly being compared to the older brother; the well-established male sports. The challenge is to create a league of its own where female sport can be respected, critiqued and valued on its own merit.
To create a social media campaign that creates a positive movement in women’s sport through content championing woman in sport and those involved to in turn increase affinity on participation and viewing of sports. 

To shift the perception and behaviour where women’s sport is respected, valued and critiqued on its own merit. 

Deliver a unique and engaging marketing campaign that will:
Meaningfully connect the women of Australia with sport.
Grow the love for women’s sport in the Australian sporting community
Increasing ratings and attract new audiences to women’s sport

Target Audience
Females, 15-35 years old who play or are interested in sports.
Families with young children, to create lifetime customers.

The idea
XX = The female chromosome, represents eXcitement, eXtreme action…”
♀ = Venus symbol representing the female gender 
Brand association = The fXXtrodinary women in sport 
We want to connect with young females to feel inspired and motivated to watch and play sports from a young age. The women in sport marketing campaign is called “XX” representing that females are made up of 2 ‘X’ chromosomes, something that sets females from males yet all our sporting achievements should be valued and respected equally. XX can be associated with XXciting, XXtrodinary, XXceptional, XXcel, XXceeds, XXxtreme etc... Using Fox Sports social media channels to connect with millennials, we will create a content and podcast series to highlight the achievements and story behind the athletes. It’s all #FoXXtrodinary. 

Execution summary
Content Series – Story behind women’s sport
When:  Ongoing, fortnightly however amped up around the WHW event w/c 3rd September and posts relative to sport events.  Total of 15 in 2018. 
What: Create emotive ‘snackable’ (60 sec short) video content that showcases women from different codes and looks into their journey of getting to where they are. 
Channel: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
Content: Stories about personalities who are building women’s sport including athletes, coaches, umpires, partners, media personalities and other individuals in the sporting industry. 

Project Owners: Madison Rodd, Georgia Wilson
Logo Design: Daniel Rammal
Creative Direction: Daniel Rammal
Content Production: Tom Radcliff

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